Impressive Motorcycle & Military Leather Jackets

Look no further than Branded Leather of Long Island City, New York, for motorcycle and military leather jackets. We manufacture top-choice leather jackets in military, motorcycle, and police styles.

What made us famous were our jackets being worn by the New York highway and mounted police departments, and now they are also worn by the California highway patrol and the New York sheriff's department. Various jackets are specially made for the pilots of the US military as well.

American-Made Quality

Our company has been offering high-quality products made in New York for two generations. All of our jackets are made in America from all domestic parts and materials.

Because our specialty clients depend on us for durable jackets that are made well and last through years of use, we focus on providing the finest jackets for every client. Our jackets are passed down from generation to generation and continue to hold up to the test of time.

We are one of only a few companies that manufacture G1 and A2 military jackets. This allows us to serve the US military with MIL-SPEC jackets for the pilots of the United States military branches of the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force.

Contact us in Long Island City, New York, for top-of-the-line motorcycle and military leather jackets.